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Hoboken Parking Helper (Free)


Hoboken Parking Helper is here to save you the headache of trying to park in Hoboken, NJ. Never wonder if you're legally parked again. Hoboken Parking Helper tells you the parking rules for each street in the city. It also explains what each rule is so that you don't have to wonder. No more stressing about street cleaning, Hoboken Parking Helper will tell you the street cleaning times too. And don't worry about remembering to move your car. Simply enter the time you need to move your car into Hoboken Parking Helper and it will send you a notification when the time comes. Hoboken Parking Helper is the property of Mini City Parking: Bringing a smile to parking.
If you have any feedback regarding the apps info or functionality, please let us know at We appreciate all comments that will help us to make this better for you.
Hoboken Parking Helper is a third party application and is not associated with the Hoboken Parking Utility. All parking rules displayed on this application were obtained through research and through the experience of living in Hoboken, NJ. Explanations of parking zones were obtained through the official website of Hoboken. These and other Hoboken information can be found at their website at